At EBSphere we nurture a very particular culture. Our principles of Innovation, Integrity and Trust drive everything we do. Why do we do this? We believe these three words sum up the key attributes that will continue our success and best serve our customers.


We are always thinking about ways we can improve the customer experience. This is not just in terms of product innovation. We are open to new ideas and exploring them constructively.


Keeping promises is vital in building trust and loyalty with our customers. Whether it’s as simple as telling someone you’ll do something and then doing it, or providing reliable, quality products on time to the marketplace, integrity is central to maintaining our credibility.


If you are prepared to place the employee benefit workings of your business for your people in someone else’s hands, you need to believe that you can trust them fully to deliver. Our customers need to know and believe that we are on their side, that we are there to help them run a better business and that the advice we offer and the services we provide are in their best interests.

Research and Development

EBSphere is constantly upgrading and redeveloping the software to ensure this product remains at the cutting edge of service and technology. With the latest change to the ‘digital dashboard’, the layout and feel of the system is already ahead of all competitors’ products in the field.


Everest has further been enhanced to interface with various stakeholders such as investment managers, SARS, banks and bureaus that accommodate payment and account verification services.